What is a REIT?

REIT, or real estate investment trust, is a form of a company organization in which company’s capital is formed through selling shares to investors and making investments in real estate by the following ways:

 – acquiring real estate for the purpose of leasing them,

 – purchase of mortgage securities or the provision of mortgage loans.

Through collective investment, REITs buy and manage profitable residential and non-residential housing. It can be apartments, shopping centers, office premises, hotels, warehouses. Some REIT trusts finance new construction.

Special legislative norms have been developed for REITs, in the case of which the trusts are exempt from the tax on company profits. Taxes are paid from dividends by shareholders. Different countries have different requirements whether REITs must be public companies. 

This form of companies was first approved by the American law in 1960. It allowed individual investors to pool their funds for direct acquisition of real estate. The period of 90s of the XX century became a time of change: low real estate prices allowed REITs to actively expand their activities, and companies entering the public market made them accessible to a wide range of investors. Currently, the possibility of creating REIT exists in almost thirty countries.

How to invest in real estate?

There are several ways to invest in the real estate industry. The correct ratio of profitability, risk and investor’s capital are the main factors of choosing the best option for investing. There are several popular ways to invest in the property: to rent it out (capital investment), or to resell it at a higher cost (speculative investment). There are as well several types of real estate investments. Difference between them depends on the investment object and investor’s goals. 

Today investments are distinguished among:

 –  residential real estate (investor makes a purchase of an apartment or a house in order to rent or resell it at a higher price);

 –  commercial real estate (investor buys an office, retail or warehouse, which he also rents or resells);

 –  foreign real estate that is currently gaining popularity (investor can buy real estate abroad to lease or resell it);

 –  real estate under construction (a very popular type of investment, investors buy an apartment from the developer at the stage of excavation, which can be sold later for a much higher amount).

There are direct and indirect methods of investing. In the first case, this is the acquisition of real estate in accordance with a private contract, in the second case it is the purchase of securities of companies that are specialised in real estate investment.

One more way of  investing in the property is managing online investing platforms. The work of them is quite simple: online platforms collect investors for rent, renovation or construction, then investors acquire shares of companies or provide loans, in return receiving a percentage of profit. Regardless of the way, real estate investment is estimated to have a great degree of safety, security and the ability to be controlled.

Benefits of the property ownership

Our projects, such as 50 Avenue and Picasso, come with the best and essential benefits any client is looking for. Among these benefits, we offer good location and infrastructure, complex with essential for life amenities, modern design, top-class building materials, comfortable plans for investments, the security of your investments, twenty-four-seven support, high-quality services. 

Benefits of the investment plan

To cater to different preferences and budgets, we offer four investment plans. The first plan is oriented on 1 year with $500-$9999 earnings per that period. Your interest rate is going to be precisely 5.50%. The second plan is oriented on 2 year period with $10-$100 thousand yearnings per that period. Your interest rate is going to be 6.62%. The third one is oriented on 3 year period with $100-$500 thousand yearnings per that period. Your interest rate is going to be 8.16%. The fourth one is oriented on 4 year period with $500 thousand and up yearnings per that period. Your interest rate is going to be 9.10%.

When I will get the money back?

You will get the full price back already in 3 years. Already in 5 years, you can double the price. You can get 1000 eur per month on rental.

Whats the price for square meters

From 1700 to 3000 Euro depends on the floor.

How can I book the apartment

To do this action successfully, at first you need to log in or register on our website, in case if you do no to have an account. Then you need attentively read and sign our booking agreement. From that moment our sales team members will contact you as soon as possible.

Is it safe to invest in Ukraine now?

Nowadays, Ukraine is becoming a more and more attractive country to invest in. Among the most promising spheres to invest in, the real estate market is the most secure and lucrative option for you and your future, thanks to reasonable prices, the developing market, and professional agents.