Things to check while buying a house

Every house needs a proper examination to detect any areas or appliances that require fixing or replacement. This article will be useful for buyers who want to save money and avoid paying extra expenses for renovation in the future.

Check the roof

The first thing that is vital to examine during the showing is the quality of the roofing. Before entering the house, check the exterior. Pay special attention to the roofing materials. A thorough inspection of the roof will help you to prevent costly expenses. It is better to hire a professional inspector but you also can examine the roof by yourself. 

You can apply binoculars to check the condition of the roof or climb up to the roof and examine it for any damage. 

There are some elements that need examination:

  • vent pipes;
  • chimneys;
  • roof-mounted antennas;
  • gutter systems;
  • any trees nearby that need trimming.

Focus on the appliances and basic elements

During the home inspection, take into account the condition of the building materials, electrical systems, the basement, check the foundation for any problems. Do not get distracted by the freshly painted walls and the decor. It is so much easier to refresh the paint than to buy new pricey appliances.

Inspect the heating and the cooling systems

Make certain that the heating and the cooling systems work in a proper way. In case the house is quite old, these systems may need replacement which is not cost-efficient. The temperature inside the house is one more factor that is worth paying attention to. 

Think of the purpose of the house

Besides the basic requirements of the house like the condition of the roofing or the basement, compose a list of the issues that are of great importance for you. You need to think about your lifestyle. For instance, your requirements may be the large living room to have guests, or you are planning to have kids and that is why you need an extra bedroom.

Examine the plumbing

Plumbing is the basic thing needed to inspect during the showing. Check the pipes in the kitchen for leaks, mold, and damage. Try out the water pressure by running the dishwasher, flushing toilets and turning on the faucets. If you smell the unpleasant odor, the reason may be the clogged sewage system.

Check out the surroundings

When you are going to purchase a house, do not ignore the surrounding area. You may hire a surveyor who would examine if the land is prone to flooding, the level of contamination of the soil and make the environmental test. The other things to check are the position of the fences and the driveway.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the insulation

A house with good insulation is a perfect long-term investment, because the effective insulation may save the costs for heating and cooling, and provide the tenants with comfort during any season. Have a look at the heating ducts, water pipes, and attic to make sure these zones are properly insulated. The huge advantage will be the double-paned soundproof windows.