Tips on how to sell your home fast and for top dollar

Sometimes the home sellers have a limited time frame to sell the house due to various reasons. They need to buy another property, move into the new house close to their new job or sell the piece of real estate because of the financial situation. 

If you are interested in the fast sale of the house, then these tips will help you to decrease the marketability of your house and reduce the amount of time for sale.

Cleaning and decluttering

General cleaning is a win-win opportunity to sell your home faster. The tidy appearance of the interior in your house will definitely attract more buyers. 

  • Pack away the large items that make the room look crowded.
  • Reorganize the closets and leave there enough free space for the customers’ belongings. 
  • Hide your personal possessions like family photos and keepsakes. These things often distract buyers.
  • Clean up every corner of your house. Pay special attention to kitchen and bathroom counters, tabletops, laundry room shelves, bathroom tile and carpets. 

If needed, you may invite the professionals – pick a cleaning service

Redesign of the interior

Make some photos of the house from different perspectives and try to look at your property as a potential buyer. Think of the ways to rearrange the furniture to make the house look more spacious. Move the bulky furniture away from the walls, try to change the position of some items. 

You can reach out to the real estate agent or simply ask a family member for help to look at the property with a fresh eye and reimagine the interior of your house. Also, you can involve a professional designer or add some small items – decor, flowers, pictures, etc. 

Some Quick Repairs

If you are questioning whether you need to invest in some minor repairs, the answer is – definitely yes! This investment would pay off. The major renovations are quite expensive and time-consuming, while some small repairs are easy to implement. These easy fixes can totally change the whole appearance of your house.
You can invest in some of these upgrades:

  • Repair or change loose door handles.
  • Patch up spots with scratched or peeled off paint, or apply a fresh coat of paint.
  • Change of fix the broken and loose tiles.

Professional photos

Many people underestimate the importance of high-quality photos in the listing. However, this is one of the most significant aspects. According to the experts, 77% of buyers consider professional photos to have a strong impact on their decision whether to purchase a property or not. 

Another good option to demonstrate the house in a favorable light is to create a virtual 3D tour. Some photographers provide this kind of service.

Selling strategy

In the real estate business, the seasonal factor plays a great role. The appropriate timing will increase your sales and improve the chances to gain a higher income. The best time to put the house for sale in late spring and early summer. Place the listing on Saturday in the first half of May and you would sell the property six times faster and for $1,600 more, in comparison with the other time of the year, as experts claim.